Get Free Estimate And Evaluation if you are looking for STEEP ROOF, LOW-SLOPE ROOF, FLAT ROOF, GREEN ROOF, SHINGLE ROOF, ROOF REPAIR, ROOF INSTALLATION, METAL ROOF , STEEL ROOF, OK Construction serving Community for more than 20 years. We provide services For Commercial building , Apartment buildings and private houses.OK Construction is fully licensed, insured, General Contractor. With our services, STEEP ROOF, LOW-SLOPE ROOF, FLAT ROOF, GREEN ROOF, SHINGLE ROOF, ROOF REPAIR, ROOF INSTALLATION, METAL ROOF ,STEEL ROOF.

We have experienced crew relating Maintenance and for new construction. We are licensed General contractor in the state of New York. We have highly trained workforce in our company. We hope you will take a few moments of your time to see for yourself why we are so confident in our services and consider our company for bidding one of your project truly competent and professional General Contractor .We guaranty, you will find our estimate for any project very reasonable.

Flashing: This Sheets of soft metal used to prevent leakage at critical points on roofs and walls. these sheets are called flashing and are usually of lead, zinc, copper or Aluminum.

Flat Roof: the Flat roof is the most common form of commercial roof. most roofs that appear flat actually have a slope of 1/4″ to 1/2″ per foot for Drainage. Roofing is lead in layers or tar gravel or with membranes of plastic or other flexible material.

Roofing Material

Built -up Roofing: Built-up tar and Gravel roofing is used on flat roof and slightly sloping roofs.

Membrane Roofing: Membrane roofing is rapidly replacing built-up-roofing for use on flat and slightly slopings roofs . easy to apply and repair , membrane roofing is lighter in weight and a better heat reflector than built-up roofing.

Shingles roofing: Fiber glass shingles, consisting of a fiber glass mate saturated with asphalt, are now commonly used in house construction because they are light weight and their cost.

Services provided by OK construction In New York City and Tri- State area.

Brick WorK Roof Repair Paint removal Tuck-pointing
Brick Pointing New Roof Waterproofing Wood floor
Brick Cleaning Roof Coating Roof Waterproofing Concrete Floor
Brick Restoration Roof Installation Basement Waterproofing Masonry Stucco
Brick Step Concrete Work Ceramic Tile California Stucco
Brick Siding Cement Work Granite Tile EPDM ROOFING
Brick Work Power Wash Interior Paint Gutters & ladders Parapet wall Repair
Brick Replacement Exterior Paint Aluminum Flashing Parapet wall Replacement
Masonry Work Interior Renovation Chimney Re-pointing Roof Replacement
Stucco Work Exterior Renovation Re-pointing Brickwork CMU work
Exterior Coating Vinyl Siding Sidewalk Replacement Paving Stone
Concrete driveway Concrete Walkway Scaffold Work Remove violation
Residential Construction Commercial Construction Flat roof Shingle Roof
Rubber Roof Roof Membrane Low-slope Roof Fire-Proofing
Window Replacement Window Caulking Lintel Replacement Coping Stone

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