The National Fire Protection agency provides guidelines to meet the set fire escape regulations. The regulations apply both to residential buildings and commercial buildings. In the New York State and most states, the requirement is that one building should have at least on primary exit area. The exit or fire escape should be in an open space and unobstructed by other rooms. In the case of multiple storey buildings, the fire escape should be at least two fire escape routes.

Fire escape exits must be maintained to ensure they are operational and functional at all times. The NFPA conducts impromptu checks on all residential buildings to ensure that the fire escapes meeting the set requirements.

Fire escape repairs and maintenance

To ensure that fire-escape is functional and properly maintained, you must undertake regular maintenance work. In the New York state, the fire department inspects fire escape every five years to ensure safety. To avoid conflict with authorities, contact a fire-escape contarctor to renovate, paint, restore, and replacements in your fire escape. We are a leading fire escape company in New York with over ten years’ experience in the business.

Fully compliant company

We are a licensed, experienced, and authorized to conduct all your fire escape needs. Our expertise ranges from installation of new fire escape to repairs of an old and obsolete fire escape. Whatever the challenge, we are an up-to-the task. All our employees are professionally trained and licensed by the government authorities. They are highly experienced at diagnosing any repairs needs on your property.

Affordable fire escape repair

Our team of highly skilled professionals will visit your residence to assess your fire escape repair needs and give you the best repair recommendation. The assessment and expert advice is free of charge, and we will provide you with whether you need our services or not. Also, the team will give you an honest, accurate estimate of the cost of the entire project. Once you have given your consent, we start the project. We provide specific set datelines and try to keep the datelines.

All-in-one fire escape services

To ensure that your fire escape meets the regulations of the local authorities, we offer tailor-made service. Some of the services that we offer include:
•    Sealing all the primary connections to prevent rusting using silicon or any fire-escape material.

•    We are removing all the rust by scrubbing.

•    Repainting and replacement of all the metals depending on how severe the damage is.

•    We perform reinforcement of all the electrical connections to ensure that the fire escape is adequately maintained. Also, support is done to ensure compliance with the safety policy.

•    Removing and replacing all the bolts that require repair repairs

•    Painting all the stairs to ensure that you prevent rusting on the staircase and the rails

•    Repairing and replacement of all the cables to keep the drop ladder safe and operational.


All our services have a full guarantee of up to 1 year. Our team keeps checking all the repaired fire escaped routes to keep them safe and operational. Thus, if you need a fire-escape repair and paint provider in New York, then contact us for all your needs.


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