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Facade inspection safety program  known as local law 11 contractor required  that owner of the building  with six or more stories .

Keeping facade in safe  required local law 11 inspection for each building .

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New York City’s local law 11 currently known as Facade Inspection Safety Program requires that any owner with a building with six stories and above have their appurtenances and exterior walls periodically inspected.
These inspections are to be conducted every five years by a certified engineer and the report filled with the Department of Buildings.
Why Local Law 11?
In 1998, New York City experienced several exterior walls failure. In response, the City council passed the New York City Local Law 11 and signed by the Mayor in March of that year.
The main purpose of these inspections is to verify that there are no dangerous conditions that would be a danger to the building and to the people passing by the building.
Requirements by the Local Law 11

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The local law 11 expanded the requirements for maintenance and inspection of any building with six stories and more. The owners of such buildings needed to have a professional engineer or registered architect inspect the entire building, including the exterior walls.
A full inspection from ground level to the roof through a scaffold is required. The Department of buildings provides specific guidelines through which the professional must determine the condition of appurtenances and walls, and fact check this with the condition reported before local law 11 reports.
The law also eliminated the precautionary filling status. Under the law passed, the professional must designate the building as unsafe, safe, or safe with a repair and maintenance program. What’s more, the owner and the professional must both sign the report.
In 2010, local law 11 was renamed Façade Inspection Safety Program and staggered fillings were introduced. The law further went on and needed more inspections of the balcony, guardrails, and fire escapes for code compliance and structural stability. In 2015, FISP opened a new cycle and handrail together with the guardrails were to be included in the report.
The Typical Local Law 11 Inspection
Together with visual inspections of a building, street facades close up inspections of the streets are to be performed. Balconies, terraces, and roofs are also reviewed. Appurtenances such as air conditioners, fire escapes, canopies, and antennae are examined.
What is classified as Unsafe Exterior Condition?





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local law job in Queen NY


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Anything that may out the lives of pedestrians at risk is termed as an unsafe condition. Examples include leaning walls, broken windows, loose metal, fractured terracotta or improperly secured window air conditioners. There’s need to address any unsafe condition within thirty days. Moreover, an amended report needs to be filled with the Department of Buildings to ascertain that these conditions have been addressed. As such, one may be given more time to correct any unsafe condition.
To file, you’ll need an initial report which will cos you $265. For a subsequent report, you’ll have to part with $100 and for a request for extension, you’ll need $135.
Are New Buildings Also Under Local Law 11?
If you have a new building, a temporary certificate of occupancy is issued. Afterwards, you begin the five year grace period. Once the five years are over, you need to file the building during that cycle.
In case an unsafe condition is discovered during the inspection, the Department of buildings sends its inspector to check this place. Even if enough safety measures have been implemented or there are repairs in progress, the inspector issues a DOB violation.


These citations are meant to encourage timely repairs and track cases, some serious violations such as ECB violations require penalties and court appearances. ECB violations happen when the inspector finds upon reinspecting an unsafe condition, the repairs are not enough or they haven’t commenced.
Furthermore, failing to file an important inspection reports could get you over $1,000 in penalties annually. Failing to correct an unsafe condition means that you will face a penalty of $1,000 each month until the unsafe condition has been corrected. If you’ve been given an extension, the penalty may be waived.
Online Filing Requirement
As of September 2016, all building managers, owners and design professionals are required to use the new online platform to submit their filings. Owners also need to electronically sign the reports in e-Filling.
Local Law 11 was meant to benefit all of us. Getting your building inspected is essential. Before you hire anyone, check to see if they are professional, experienced, and reputable to handle the inspection.



Local law 11 job in Queen NY
Local law 11 job in Queen NY


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Local law 11 job in Brooklyn NY





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